Evaluation for tritium emissions
​from the national tritium labeling facility

Human Health Risk Evaluation of Tritium Emissions

SENES Oak Ridge, Inc., was involved with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) as a technical liaison between LBNL and the City of Berkeley. The responsibilities of SENES included the following:

(1) a review of atmospheric dispersion models to determine the applicability to the prediction of tritium concentrations resulting from releases from the National Tritium Labeling Facility (NTLF)

(2) evaluation of tritium releases at LBNL using a CALPUFF complex terrain methodology

(3) estimation of excess lifetime risk of cancer incidence associated with discrete routine releases of tritiated water vapor from the NTLF at LBNL

(4) assessment of radiological dose and excess lifetime risk of cancer for specified reference individuals exposed to releases of tritiated water vapor from routine operation of the NTLF at LBNL

(5) guidance in the placement of additional air monitoring stations for the measurement of tritium in the environment.