In the early days of the Manhattan Project, Clinton Laboratory, also referred to as the X-10 Site and now called the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, was designed to operate for one year as a pilot plant for the Hanford, Washington, operations for chemical separation of plutonium.

The original plans changed, and in 1944 the first radioactive effluents from the X-10 site entered White Oak Creek and flowed into White Oak Lake and were allowed to flow over White Oak Dam, which is 1 km upstream from the Clinch River.

This task estimated historical releases, evaluated potential pathways of exposure, and calculated radiation doses and health risks to reference individuals potentially exposed to radioactivity released to the Clinch River from the X-10 complex.

A copy of the Task 4 report is available from the State of Tennessee Health Studies website.

Task 4: Radionuclides Released from x-10 to the
​clinch river via white oak creek