Oak Ridge Center for Risk Analysis, founded in 1992 as SENES Oak Ridge, Inc., is committed to attaining the highest level of technical excellence and transparency in all its work. Oak Ridge specializes in human health and ecological risk estimation, risk assessment, and risk communication.

Oak Ridge Center for Risk Analysis offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary consulting services in areas related to human health and ecological risks. Within the framework of risk analysis, we have developed state-of-the-art approaches to site characterization and quantitative evaluation of the transport of radioactive and chemical contaminants in air and water, the uptake of these materials in terrestrial and aquatic food chains, and the exposure to workers and members of the public in terms of (a) excess lifetime risk of disease incidence, (b) the expectation of the excess rates of disease due to past and/or anticipated future exposure, and (c) probability that past exposure caused a specific disease.

Oak Ridge Center for Risk Analysis is noted for its expertise in the application of quantitative uncertainty and sensitivity analysis to focus assessment plans for radioactive contaminants and toxic chemicals, for the use of Bayesian inference and Monte-Carlo modeling, and for dose reconstruction using full quantitative uncertainty analysis to describe the present state of knowledge about exposures and risks.

Oak Ridge Center for Risk Analysis staff members are experienced in the communication of complex scientific information to a public audience, and the company considers interaction with members of the public to be a critical part of any dose or risk assessment. We specialize in and advocate full disclosure of uncertainty associated with all our quantitative estimates. We emphasize the estimation of risks, as well as doses, as the endpoint of an investigation designed to estimate current day health implications from exposure to contaminants released from federal facilities.

Oak Ridge Center for Risk Analysis is dedicated to public involvement for all issues where the public is affected, and we make open and understandable communication a priority.

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